August 30, 2019

How to Know if a Destination Wedding is Right for You




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Deciding to have a destination wedding can be daunting – after all, it is probably the biggest decision of the entire wedding process (besides saying I do, of course)!

We have worked with hundreds of destination brides throughout the years, and we have found that there are a few key indicators that tell us a destination wedding is perfect for these couples.

They either love to travel, or a particular destination holds special meaning to them.
Perhaps they visited this location as a child, or perhaps they discovered it together throughout the course of their relationship. Either way, sharing the location and all of it’s experiences with their loved onesmeans a ton to them.

They want EPIC wedding photos.  
A series of classic wedding formals won’t do for our clients. They want Hollywood blockbuster level backdrops and poses. Bonus points for jaw dropping sunsets, naturally.

They want something completely different from what they’ve seen their friends and family members do.   
It doesn’t always necessarily mean that they want anything particularly crazy – just that they want a day that is just theirs, and that can’t be compared to anyone else’s.

They want to spend quality time with the people that attend.
Destination wedding couples aren’t all about just the wedding day. They want a week of memories with their loved ones, not just a fleeting moment. Destination wedding events unfold over a few days, and that allows the couple to spend meaningful time with everyone that attends.

They are okay with pared down options.
In fact, they oftentimes prefer it! By limiting the number of options for vendors, decor or other elements, the planning process is often streamlined and less overwhelming.

They understand that everyone won’t be able to attend.
Destination wedding couples know that even if their love ones aren’t physically present, they will be there in spirit. And those that will attend will be showering them with tons of love over the week anyway!

What do you think – are you ready to start planning your own destination wedding? It’s easier than you might think! Check out
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